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Robotic Surgery

Complex conditions like cancers of the prostate, cervix, uterus, lung, colon/rectum, as well as heart disease and fibroid tumors can now be treated minimally invasively with the da vinci surgery.

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      Da Vinci Surgeries

      • da Vinci transoral robotic surgery
      • da Vinci bariatric surgery
      • da Vinci heller myotomy (achalasia) surgery
      • da Vinci mitral valve repair surgery
      • da Vinci coronary bypass repair surgery
      • da Vinci endometriosis resection
      • da Vinci hysterectomy
      • da Vinci myomectomy
      • da Vinci sacrocolpopexy
      • da Vinci cystectomy
      • da Vinci pyeloplasty
      • da Vinci partial nephrectomy
      • da Vinci prostatectomy

      The following conditions can be treated with the da Vinci:

      • Colorectal Cancer
      • Endometriosis
      • Gynecologic Cancer
      • Heavy Uterine Bleeding
      • Obesity
      • Uterine Fibroids
      • Uterine Prolapse

      San Dimas Community Hospital Celebrates Installation of the da Vinci Robot

      Posted on May 9, 2014

      San Dimas Community Hospital announces the installation of a state of the art da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. This new addition to the center will officially begin its duties on May 15.

      The San Dimas Community Hospital is pleased to continue providing patients with the most advanced surgical equipment on the market. The da Vinci Robot gives surgeons the ability to operate using minimally invasive, minute incisions, and is known to cause patients less pain and result in shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time.

      According to Dr. Richard Williams, an experienced Robotic Surgeon and Chairman of the OBGYN/Pediatrics Department at San Dimas Community Hospital, “The implementation of robotic assisted surgery has greatly improved the overall care of our patients. The surgery is performed with more accuracy, less down time and quicker healing. It is a positive experience for all involved.”

      The da Vinci Robot grants doctors with superior vision and allows the surgeon to control four laparoscopic arms which result in increased precision, dexterity and improved access. It has achieved positive results in urologic, cardiovascular, vascular, gynecologic surgery and more. According to Intuitive Surgical, makers of the da Vinci, roughly 3,000 peer-reviewed studies have been published demonstrating the clinical effectiveness of the da Vinci Surgical System and it is currently being used in more than 2,025 hospitals worldwide.

      “I am excited that with the purchase of the Roboitc Surgical System our community will be able to receive state of the art healthcare close to home,” says Kevan Metcalfe, Chief Executive Officer at San Dimas Community Hospital. “This technology provides surgeons with better visualization and ergonomics. I am looking forward to helping SDCH offer robotic surgery to our community.” Adds Dr. Wali, General Surgeon and experienced Robotic Surgeon at SDCH. Additionally, SDCH will be hosting an open house to help introduce our new da Vinci Surgical System to the community. This is a great opportunity for the community to become acquainted with the state-of-the-art technology in robotics-assisted surgery as well as network with the local community and business leaders. The date of the open house is to be determined.