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Lung Cancer Screening

San Dimas Community Hospital Lung Cancer Screening and Early Detection Program

Lung Cancer can strike anyone. Non-smokers, smokers, past smokers, as well as those that have been exposed to carcinogenic materials and chemicals.

Did you know that lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer in the USA? That’s right! More people die from lung cancer than from breast, colon, and prostate cancers combined.

    For more information contact us at 909-394-2794

    Lung Cancer Screening

    Moreover, early-stage survival rate is 53.5% with only 15% of lung-cancer cases currently found in the early stages. Unfortunately, most cases are not diagnosed until later stages, when the survival rate is only 3.9%. So why wait?

    San Dimas Community Hospital is proud to offer a lung cancer screening and early detection program that offers a low-dose CT that is recommended annually if you are:

    • 50 to 77 years old
    • Current smoker or former smoker who quit within the last 15 years
    • At least 20 “pack years” of smoking (calculated as number of packs smoked per day multiplied by the total number of years smoked).

    If you answered yes to the above questions, please take a few moments that may save your life. Call to schedule your screening at: 909-394-2794.